Pre-CanSkate (Parent-and-Tot)

PreCanSkate (Parent-and-Tot)

PreCanSkate (Parent-and-Tot) is for beginners (ages 3+) who have never skated before or who are not confident with their balance on the ice. PreCanSkaters work on the essentials needed to move safely and effectively on the ice. Parent/Guardian/Adult are required on the ice (in skates).

Pre-CanSkate for January 2023

Wednesdays – Lorette Arena – 30 minute program session
Location: Lorette Arena
Start/End Dates: January 11, 2023 to March 22, 2023
Time: 5:15 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.
Cost: $145 session fee, plus $45 Skate Canada Insurance Fee

About the Program:

PreCanSkate (Parent-and-Tot) is a component of the CanSkate (Learn to Skate) program and is not considered a separate program.  It is designed to prepare skaters to transition to the full CanSkate Program.

PreCanSkate (Parent-and-Tot) consists of 8 skills:

  • Balance on 2 Feet
  • Fall Down & Get Up
  • Move Forward
  • Move Backwards
  • Make Snow
  • Twist
  • March around on the Spot
  • 2-Foot Twist on the Spot
  • Jump on the Spot

Once a skater is capable of these 8 skills they are ready to move to our CanSkate programs  Parents/Guardians will be notified in advance of the move.

Please ensure skaters come equipped with skates, CSA approved skating helmet, mitts, splash pants, and a sweater/jacket.

Payment Options:

Payments can be made by cash, cheque or e-transfer.

SRSC skating families can apply for funding assistance for skating programming through KidSport Manitoba and/or Canadian Tire’s JumpStart program, please visit both links for the online applications and to see if you qualify.