SRSC COVID-19 Steps and Protocols for the Fall/Winter 2020-21 Season

Please read all the steps and protocols on this page.
Any questions should be directed to the club email at:

Last updated:  September 16, 2020

There are many protocols our club, including board members, coaches, participants and families, need to follow to make this a successful season. The steps and protocols required in order to safely participate in skating lessons this coming season are outlined below. Please be patient and work with us cooperatively by staying informed and providing documentation where required.

Note: These club steps and protocols are subject to change as Skate Canada-Manitoba protocols are updated based on the latest information from Manitoba Public Health.

Club executives and coaches have the authority to ask skaters, members, volunteers, coaches, parents/guardians, etc. to leave if they are not following any of our outlined protocols or the protocols of our facilities.

All SRSC Program Participants (skaters) and Spectators (parents/guardians/other adult observers) MUST adhere to the following Steps and Protocols:

Before the Season Starts:

1 – Review the Return to Play Protocols for Participants (Skaters)
All participants/skaters (and parents/guardians) must familiarize themselves with the Return to Play Protocols for Participants and are responsible for staying up-to-date with Skate Canada-Manitoba and Seine River Skating Club protocols as they evolve. These can be found on this page (items 1 through 17 below) and Skate Canada Manitoba Protocols.

2 – Participant (Skater) Skate Canada Waiver Signed
All participants (skaters) must complete the Seine River Skating Club Participant Waiver, and email the completed waiver to prior to the start of the season (no later than September 26, 2020).

The waiver can be found here: SRSC Participant Waiver (pdf)
(scanned images and/or pdfs are acceptable. Submit both pages.  Each skater requires their own signed waiver).

Skaters without a signed waiver prior to the start of the season will be unable to participate.

3 – Spectator Information and Protocols
Only ONE ADULT may enter per skater or family/household skater grouping per program session. 
All adults who will be attending throughout the course of the season are required to have submitted a signed Spectator Waiver prior to the start of the season (no later than September 26, 2020). Please email all completed Spectator Waivers to

The waiver can be found here: SRSC Spectator-Observer Waiver (pdf) (scanned images and/or pdfs are acceptable. Submit both pages).

Why are we limiting spectators during skating programming this season?
As of September 1, 2020, Skate Canada-Manitoba is allowing 35 individuals on or near the ice surface during programming.  We have carefully planned the skating season around this number. Please respect this limitation on our numbers by ensuring only 1 (one) adult per skater and/or family/household skater grouping is in attendance at each program session.  Do not bring additional children (regardless of age) who are not registered skaters to sessions. If this limitation on spectator numbers changes during the skating season, we will notify families.

During the Season:

4 – Prior to Each Session
All skaters and spectators should review the Manitoba Shared Health COVID-19’s Self Screening Tool

Skaters, coaches, volunteers and spectators may not participate or attend if they: 

  • Exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms, such as a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by health experts. Please see the Government of Manitoba’s COVID-19 page,
  • Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days;
  • Have travelled outside of province in the last 14 days – Please see the current Government of Manitoba Phase for regulations pertaining to travel within Canada; OR.
  • Travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days.

Stay home if you or your skater are ill.

5 – When to Arrive for Each Skating Session/Class (updated September 16, 2020)
Please enter the building no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of your skating session/class. Skaters are asked to come as ‘rink ready’ as possible with minimal personal belongings (such as water bottle, tissues, gloves). Leave skate bags and other non-essential items in the car.  Spaces have been provided at both facilities to put on skates and helmets. As per Skate Canada guidelines, skaters are asked to put their skates on outside the building (if possible) and enter as ‘ice ready’ as they can with minimal personal belongings (such as water bottle, tissues, gloves). Leave skate bags and other non-essential items in the car. Dressing rooms will be available for use only at the discretion of the facility.

6 – Mask Use is Required
Effective August 4th, as per Skate Manitoba Guidelines, any person entering a facility for Skate Canada programming MUST wear a face mask.  This includes all spectators, volunteers, coaches and participants while inside the arena during programming.  Skaters/participants may remove their masks once they are on the ice surface, but must put them back on after exiting the ice. Spectators must wear masks for the duration of their time in the facility.

7 – Check-in and Verbal Screening Is Required Before Each Session (updated September 16, 2020)
Upon entry to the session, all spectators and skaters will be checked-in and verbally screened by a SRSC board member at the entrance to the building. This screening includes having temperatures taken, as well as names and phone numbers logged.  To enter skaters and spectators must have previously submitted waivers on file with the SRSC.

Please note: Spectator names will be checked against a list of submitted waivers – all adults (grandparents, parents/guardians, etc) who wish to attend over the course of the season require a signed waiver submitted at the start of the season (reminder: only ONE ADULT may attend each session per skater or family/household grouping).

8 – Hand Sanitizing
Upon facility entry, spectators and participants will be required to sanitize their hands at the hand sanitizing station.  Hand sanitizing must also take place at the end of the session as spectators and participants leave the ice and facility.

9 – Entering the Ice Surface
Skaters may NOT enter the ice surface until instructed to do so by a designated volunteer or a SRSC coach.  Skaters will line up in the designated area to wait for their entry to the ice. Adults, please assist your skater to adhere to physical distancing requirements during this time.  Please note: the gate to the ice will only be opened/closed by the designated SRSC volunteer/board member or coach.

10 – Water Fountains and Bathrooms
Water fountains and bathrooms are only available at the arena’s discretion. Adults will be required to assist their own child on/off the ice should they need to leave during the session (skaters will need to put their mask on).  Please note: the gate to the ice will only be opened/closed by the designated SRSC volunteer/board member or coach.  Adults should ensure proper hand hygiene takes place before skaters return to the ice surface.

11 – Facial Tissue
Skaters must supply their own facial tissue and must dispose of used tissues in the provided receptacle immediately after use. Participants must sanitize their hands after blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing.

12 – Player’s Boxes
Skaters and spectators may not access or use the player’s box. The only person in this area will be assigned SRSC volunteers, coaches and/or music player.

13 – Physical Distancing
Spectators and Skaters are responsible for maintaining proper physical distancing (2m or 6ft) from others throughout the session to the greatest extent possible.

14 – Leaving the Ice Surface/End of Your Session
Skaters must leave the ice immediately when their session is completed (masks are required for skaters when off the ice).  We require time between groups to sanitize and ensure proper social distancing. Upon leaving the ice, skaters and spectators will follow signage to the designated exit, sanitize their hands, and immediately leave the facility. No loitering.

Additional Information:

15 – Should a Skater or a Spectator Become Ill with COVID-19
If a spectator or skater contracts COVID-19 they should inform the Seine River Skating Club immediately and submit a medical note via email to Skaters/spectators are unable to return to programming until such time as they have been cleared to return to normal activities by Manitoba Public Health or a medical professional.

16 – Drop-in Figure Skating Ice
At this time “Drop-in” for figure skaters is permitted with 24-hour prior notice to the SRSC. Non-SRSC Figure skaters and coaches wishing to sign-up for individual sessions should contact the club directly at

17 – Club COVID-19 Refund Policy
A pro-rated refund (minus Skate Canada Insurance fee and fundraising fees) will be issued if the season or part-thereof is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As per our regular refund policy, any non-COVID-19 related requests for a refund after the 3rd session will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.